Sunday, 31 August 2014

Tufted Titmouse - Maine

While on vacation in Maine, I got to see my first Tufted Titmouse. There were actually three that came around every morning where we were staying.  I hope to eventually see one in New Brunswick. One was actually spotted in the Saint John area just last week. Not too many are reported in NB though so it might be a while before I do see another one.

Monday, 11 August 2014

Black-belled Plover, Bonaparte Gull - PEI

Here are two species I have yet to see in New Brunswick. The past couple of years I have found them pretty easily over on Prince Edward Island however. Bonaparte Gulls feed right in front of the cottage and I see Black-belled Plovers at the beach we take our boys to.

This trip I found 44 different species. Overall this summer I found 68 but there is still one in question and I will post on that later if I can get confirmation. I'm now up to 88 for my PEI life list. Maybe next year I can bring that up to 100!

Northern Pintail, Lesser Yellowlegs - PEI

I don't have a lot of different ducks checked off my PEI life list. There aren't a lot of ponds in the area that I stay and I'm sure the time of year we are over doesn't help either.

One spot that anyone can find ducks at pretty much anytime of year are in sewage lagoons. There is one in Cornwall, Stratford and one in Charlottetown (close to the Cows factory) and I went to visit each this summer.

I just noticed the one in Charlottetown last week and got to see Northern Pintail for the first time on the island. There were Green-winged Teal there too and of course, American Black Ducks.

There were a few Lesser Yellowlegs around as well. This was the first time I saw one in the water like this.

Bobolink, Barn Swallow - PEI

Here are two species that are always nice to find over on the island. Many different groups are working hard to help Bobolinks and Barn Swallows so that they can properly nest and have their numbers grow.

At first I thought the first swallow on the power line was a Cliff Swallow. I observed it flying around and noted the different tail and noted it was a juvenile Barn Swallow so that was a neat find.

I heard a lot more Bobolinks that last time I was over to PEI. I only saw the one this trip, but I did get close enough for a decent picture.

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

American Kestrel, Chestnut-sided Warbler

Once American Kestrels show up in the Spring, they are very easy to find in Carleton and York County. Just go for a drive and you will usually find a couple along most of the back roads perched on power lines.

I found a family of three Chestnut-sided Warblers last week in Woodstock. None of three came out in the open very long, but as you can see in the picture below, the chestnut really shows up on the sides of the male.

Great Blue Heron, Osprey

Sometimes there are up to twelve Great Blue Herons in front of the cottage over on Prince Edward Island. Once the tide starts to go out, they fly in and every day at least one comes quite close.

I found this Osprey a few days ago outside of Woodstock and its meal was still flopping away.

Great black-backed Gull, Song Sparrow

During the summer, you really only see Ring-billed Gulls around Woodstock. Sometimes a Herring Gull will show up and one did last week. I've only ever found a Great black-backed Gull once in Carleton County and that was just this past Spring. It was only around for one day and I don't expect I will see another anytime soon. They are common along the Bay of Fundy and over on PEI where I took this picture.
On the other hand, Song Sparrows are everywhere in every county in the province. I keep double checking each time I see one just in case it is a different type of sparrow I have yet to find. The one below was singing away in front of the cottage.